OIML Class F1 to M3, NIST class F for Reliable Weighing Processes
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METTLER TOLEDO's weight portfolio is perfectly designed to support testing and calibration of industrial scales. Our industrial calibration weights offer the following features and benefits:

Highest quality cast iron weights with unique design for best safety and productivity
Nominal values from 1 kg to 5 tons
Accuracy classes OIML F1 to M3, NIST Class F and ANSI/ASTM Class 6
Forged stainless steel grip handle weights for clean room and wash down applications
All weights available with calibration certificate according to ISO17025 (USA; excluding metric heavy capacity weights)

METTLER TOLEDO supplies a wide range of industrial weights satisfying global OIML specifications as well as NIST Handbook 105-1 requirements. METTLER TOLEDO branded calibration weights have a unique design with focus on safe operation and productive testing.

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