The 3M Tapex System of cable jointing is based on the time-tested technique of cable construction rebuilding. The system is simple and based on three components:
Self-Amalgamating Insulating Tapes
Self-Amalgamating Semi-Conducting Tapes
Non-Linear Stress Grading Pads
The non-linear stress grading material in the 3M Tapex System eliminates the rather cumbersome and time-consuming process of tapering the XLPE insulation at the ferrule end of the straight through joints. The stripped cable insulation, conductor screen and insulation screen are rebuilt with Self Amalgamating EPDM Tapes. The joint is enclosed and encapsulated with a cast resin system to provide mechanical protection and to prevent water ingress. Specially designed for peak performance in conditions with uncontrolled back fill and presence of sub-soil water, 3M Tapex System - with minor modifications - is ideal for jointing XLPE to PILC cables, while creating Transition Joints.
The 3M Tapex System is a highly proven and trusted method of jointing, which extends even beyond 66kV class of cables – and requires minimum skills for installation by jointers.
3M Kastex Cable Accessories for Low Voltage PVC / PILC / XLPE Cables are designed for easy installation and prolonged service life. 3M Kastex joints and terminations for LV Cables are based on a cast resin system that contains polyurethane, ensuring compatibility with cable components. While the cast resin system also provides electrical insulation, mechanical protection and moisture imperviousness to the joint, the crutch sealing arrangement – also cast resin based – ensures easy installation and environmental protection of the core trifurcation. 3M Kastex joints are specifically designed for compression connection, mechanical connectors and soldering of cable conductors – and are available in the following types.
Straight Through Joints
Pot Ends
Tee Off Joints
Breach Joints
Indoor / Outdoor Terminations
3M Kastex LV joints and terminations can also be custom-built to suit specific technical requirements of different utilities.

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