Terminal Protectors from 3M are insulating barrier systems that can be used in conjunction with any indoor termination. The 3M Terminal Protector is a unique insulating system for providing Phase-to-Phase and Phase-to-Earth insulation to power cable terminals where these terminations need to be installed in very compact areas like motor terminal boxes, ring main units, distribution transformers and so on.
3M Terminal Protector components are injection moulded from EPDM rubber for enhanced insulation and improved track resistance, and facilitate insulation of right angle connections and in-line connections.
3M Terminal Protectors are endowed with a host of features
Accommodates large cable cross sections - 25 to 300 sq mm & 400 to 630 sq mm
Also fits sector shaped cables
Facilitates direct voltage testing
Easy to fit
Cost Effective
Can be reopened
Can be reused
Can be installed on any termination like Pre-moulded Heat Shrink and so on
Can be installed on XLPE, PVC or PILC cable

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